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The Belleville Minor Football League had its inaugural season in 1995. For three years prior to the formation of the league, a team from Belleville played in the Kingston Minor Football League. For 15 years, the league operated with two teams from Trenton, three in Belleville and one from Bancroft playing in a spring league. The league expanded by two teams in 2010 with the addition of Trent Hills Titans and Centre Hastings Centurions. 2016 brought the addition of  Bayside. 2017-18 saw the Napanee area team come & go. 2020 Napanee re-entered the league again.
At the start of the 2019 the league officially changed it's name to the QUINTE SKYHAWKS MINOR FOOTBALL LEAGUE and started functioning under the auspices of the Skyhawks who operate the local area Jr. & Sr. varsity teams in the Ontario Football Conference (OFC).

Objectives and Values of the League 

•    To provide Grade 6, 7, & 8 children with the opportunity to play full contact tackle football.
•    To encourage children to participate in a physical activity.

•    To teach children the fundamentals of football.
•    To promote the game of contact football.
•    To develop character in children – particularly because of the nature of the game.
•    To promote co-operation in the players – the game requires 12 players to work as a unit to achieve success.
•    To promote camaraderie amongst the players.
•    To bring together students from across the region.
•    To provide children an opportunity to learn from, and to co-operate with peers and coaches.
•    To provide children an opportunity to play organized football, with qualified referees, timers, sideline officials and assistants.
•    To recognize the individual efforts of players with “Player of the Game” and "League Awards".
•    To recognize team efforts with three Divisional trophies at the end of the season.

Local Minor Football has given thousands of local children an opportunity to learn the game of football. Parents are most appreciative of the efforts of the coaches, trainers and managers to provide the learning opportunities for their children.


Concussion Management

Concussion are  brain injuries. As a league, we follow all requirements laid out in Rowan's Law.

ROWANS LAW - Watch this Video - Concussion Awareness for Ages 11-14



Like all injuries, concussions must be treated accordingly.  If your child is suspected to have a concussion during practice or a game, the coach or trainer will immediately remove your son/daughter from all activities. Parents/Guardian will be notified.  It is critical that an athlete with a suspected concussion be examined by a medical doctor.  It is also a parent/guardian responsibiliy to inform coaches of any concussions and injuries received outside of the football realm.  It is also up to parents/guardians to decide if they want to do Baseline Testing for concussions. Call your family doctor to see if they think it will be required.  Please familiarize yourself with Rowans Law, as it is not only your coaches responsibility, but also that of each player and their parent. 


Insurance is covered the auspices of Football Ontario and the Ontario Summer Football League


Annual Registration takes place in February, early March. Practices begin after March Break or in early April. Most teams practice twice a week (three times per week prior to the start of the regular season). The regular season starts the first week of May and ends the last Saturday of June. Most games are played Thursday or Friday evenings and/or Saturday mornings. All teams have at least one home game. Our season culminates with Championship Saturday in the second last week of June when division champions crowned.


“A” The Pat Carty Memorial Trophy

“B” The Mike Schad Bowl

“C” The “Red” Townsend Memorial Trophy 

These trophies recognize the efforts of individuals who have contributed so much to football in the Quinte region in the past.

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